Mar 10, 2008


It took seven tries but Sunday the Vipers were able to finally scale the 14ers with a 114-110 overtime victory at Dodge Arena. It was one of those "Everyone contributed", and "It was a team effort" type games. While this was true, the Vipers rode the backs of two guys. Desmon Farmer and Kris Collins. The game was more about Collins down the stretch. He scored 8 points in the overtime alone and frankly was stellar and just in a zone. In fact he made a sick reverse lay-up a lot like this guy did in his return from basketball in 1995. Broncs' play-by-play man Jonah Goldberg thinks I should embed it in the blog so here it is for all you lazy blog readers who can't click on the link.

The Vipers need continue on this trend if they want any shot of sniffing the playoffs. Hey I know it seems like a longshot. But stranger things have happened. Sorry Frank Mentesana, but the Mets did blow a huge division lead to miss the playoffs last year. Maybe the Vipers can be like the Phillies.

Anyways we get Colorado for the final time tonight. Frankly I do not want to see them again. They have killed us this year. Bring on Tulsa and the ABQ. We have a ton of games left with them.

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