Dec 18, 2009


Ok so its not as momentous as THIS NEWS out of the pro wrestling world, but hey a broadcaster can dream can't he? After a very long hiatus, ITK (That's stands for IN THE KEY) :) , is back and better than ever. We've gone with a new layout design, currently working on a header, and we hope to put a ton of multi-media stuff on here.

The Professor Jonah Goldberg and I, (ok mostly him) work very hard on putting a lot of our multi-media stuff together for and on the Facebook group, but we figured we had another venue for Vipers info right here so lets utilize it better.

Here are some of the things you will find on ITK moving forward.

  • Home and Road game stories
    • We have done this before and you can find these on the main site. But when the team is on the road the D-League puts up the home team's story. Our game story will have a little more info on the Vipers.
  • Pictures/Video from the road. 
    • I learned shortly after I purchased it that my Iphone takes awesome pictures and video. So I am going to use it to upload random things from time to time from our travels. Expect a lot of pics come D-League showcase time.
  • Random Thoughts. 
    • I like to give my thoughts on potential expansion sites, the D-League's best players etc. You can find those posts here as well.
  • Post-game video blogs. 
    • Here we will also post the video blogs Jonah and I do from the Dodge after homes games. I am also attempting to do a video blog for road games as well. 

I look forward to frequent posts here on the blog and hope we get a ton of feedback. I would like to get a Q and A going with our fans. If you have any questions for us e-mail us at . We would love to hear from you.

I will have a preview for you up on the blog before tonight's game and I will also link to Jonah's game notes as well as soon as they are up.

Don't forget tonight's game will be tipping off at 8pm and not 7pm because of a high school game in Tulsa. You can follow all the action on 104.9 JACK FM or on NBA Futurecast.

That is it for now. I'll chat with you later on tonight.


PS here is a pic from today's shoot-around.

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