Dec 4, 2008

Pre Game Versus Dakota Wizards

Hello Friends:

Well the Vipers got the stomach punch of the century in the third quarter of last night's game versus the expansion Erie BayHawks. The Vipers were nearly tripled up, outscored 35-12 in the third and dropped their first game of the season with a 101-86 loss. Personally I think it's better that it happened sooner than later. 

This Vipers team has a ton of talent, but has been developing some bad habits. They turn the ball over too much and think they can turn on a 10-0 run whenever they want. It doesn't always work that way in this league; especially when you play everyone in your division seven times. 

Tonight's opponent is Dakota. We saw Dakota twice last season and it is probably safe to say that they are the San Antonio Spurs of the the D-League and of minor league basketball. They just always win. I don't know what it is that draws people to Bismarck, North Dakota, but they put a winner on the floor year in and year out. They have four championships in the 12 year history of the franchise. One IBA championship, two CBA titles, and one D-League title. Duane Ticknor is their head coach, another minor league coaching legend. The schedule makers were not kind to the Vipers. Four of the first five teams the Vipers have faced this season have coaches with at least one minor league championship on their resume... NOT COOL!!!

The Wizards are 0-2, they suffered a home loss to Iowa to begin their season and started their road swing with a heartbreaking overtime loss to Austin last night despite coming back from a 19 point deficit. So Ticknor and the Wizards are dying for a win, lets hope they can wait till they go home.

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