Dec 4, 2008

Vipers Game Blog

Halftime Vipers 52 - Wizards 42

Solid first half for Rio Grande Valley although Smush Parker is taking some terrible shots right now. He looks like he is just trying to get into a rhythm but hasn't been able to so far tonight. Craig Winder and Trent Strickland both have 11 points with Winder's coming off the bench. Alton Ford is drawing fouls from any Dakota players the crosses his way and he is making them pay as big Al has 12 points, but most importantly is 8 for 8 from the foul line. As for Dakota the don't have a single player in double figures.  Quemont Greer has nine points to lead the way for Dakota. The Wizards have played all 11 players. Let me just say that Hamed Haddadi is a beast. He needs ALOT of developing... but he is a beast!!

5:44 Remaining 2nd Qtr  Vipers 40 - Wizards 35

Dakota must like spotting its opponents  big leads and coming back. Vipers have led by as many as 12 but the Wizards have brought the game back into close single digits. Craig Winder has looked good off the bench with 9 points including two three pointers. Mo Baker is just a pest defensively and he has also put up seven points...He is a really good player on what could be a good Dakota team.

Second Media timeout 2:44 remaining Vipers 25, Wizards 13

Trent Strickland looks like the Trent Strickland from the weekend. He has nine 1st quarter points and is 4-5 shooting from the field. Quin Humphrey has been agressive in the early going as well with seven points.

Vipers are shooting over 70% from the field right now.. Lets see if they keep it up

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