Jan 12, 2009

Dorsey Recalled...Other Rumblings

The Rockets recalled Joey Dorsey after Friday's game in ABQ. Yes I know... I would have had this up sooner, only I wasn't with the team, the stats from the game didn't come out till the wee hours of the night because of some problems with their stats computers and only the D-league even so much as posted it on their website. Never the less Dorsey went up to the big club for a little bit. They are at home, they may need his body in practice for a bit, maybe he is working with this guy on the finger wag after a shot block... but who knows..I am fairly certain he will be back, and very soon. But at least he gets to enjoy the NBA life again for a little bit.

Now to the Vipers who will face Colorado on Wednesday night, they need some work and they desperately need a win. The chemsitry wasn't there with Smush and now they are looking for it with who is left on the roster. I think Coach Moser wants to make a move, only the choices are pretty slim for players who are in the pool and the Vipers are still near the bottom of the waiver pool. The Vipers were looking for a 6-0 maybe 5-1, or 4-2 stretch over the last six, but if you would have told me that the club would go 1-5 I would have thought you were crazy. But the T_birds are on fire now, thanks to Will Conroy and Keith Mcleod, and where the heck is Reno comin from... WOW.

Colorado is the opponent tonight... They had a couple thrillers with Austin the last couple of games. They are shorthanded tonight with only eight dressed for the game. 

I am looking forward to seeing Marcus Hubbard for the first time tonight. He joined the club at the D-League showcase, I think he is going to start.

The Vipers need to make some player moves, but who needs to go?

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