Jan 2, 2009

Vipers vs. T-Birds 1-2-09 3rd Qtr

8:37 remaining 3rd

T-Birds 57
Vipers 53

The T-Birds have started the 3rd on a 10-5 run and now lead it by 4. David Noel has five 3rd Qtr points for ABQ. The Vipers have Alton Ford on the bench with 4 fouls

2:47 remaining 3rd

Vipers 71
ABQ 62

Wait... are the Vipers dominating a third quarter???? Ok maybe not but they are winning one and going on a nice run to take their largest lead of the game at 9. Trent Strickland is starting to heat up with eight 3rd quarter points.

End of 3rd Qtr

Vipers 79
T-Birds 65

Ok the Vipers just DOMINATED a third quarter. They outscored ABQ 31-18 in the period and finally were able to get Trent Strickland and Alpha Bangura involved the offense. Strickland scored 11 points in the third period, Bangura scored 10 of his own..Nice third quarter.. lets keep it up

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