Jan 8, 2009


I am not the first to break this story but here it is. I just got off the phone with Head Coach Clay Moser and he confirmed a report Todd Mavreles had that Vipers guard Smush Parker has left the team to play for a squad in the Chinese Basketball Association believed to be the Guangdong Tigers. Smush averaged 17.2 points 4.5 rebounds and 7.5 assists per game. Smush also led the league in turnovers at 5.1 a game.

That's the news. Here is my commentary and is not the opinion of anyone else but myself.

This is not a shock to me that he is gone. According to Coach Moser a team in Italy had a standing offer for whenever he was going to take it. But the team in China kept in contact with Smush's agent and finally it was an offer he couldn't refuse. Funny though how his departure coincided almost to the day of his terrible D-League Showcase Performance in which representatives from every NBA team were there. It didn't look like a call-up was coming his way so he took the money. Honestly, this is what I thought would happen, if he didn't get a call-up by the Showcase or didn't play well, he was going to bolt.

Its no secret that Smush didn't really gel with this Viper squad. He was lackadaisical with the ball, (leading the league in turnovers) had spurts where he didn't get his team mates involved, rarely passed the ball into the low post, and took horrible shots. Some games he was great but to sum it up the only thing he was ever consistent in, was being inconsistent. His NBA shot may not have passed him by, he is still a great athlete, but for this season Smush has to focus on why he is struggling and fix that. He will have a chance to do that in China now.

How does this affect RGV? Well you lose your top scorer and assist man, but there are people to pick up the slack. I am curious to see Jared Jordan as the starter, I though he was very good in his two starts. The question is, can he play extended minutes? His only back-up right now is Craig Winder who has been a DNP three times this season and is NOT a point guard. Alpha and Trent need to pick up the load scoring wise. They have been.. but they will need to even more so. Alton NEEDS to get more touches and stay out of foul trouble, and Quin needs to shoot the dang ball when he is in the game.

Clay also confirmed to me that that they are 11th on the waiver wire pool, so still a long way to go if a solid player comes into the pool.

I want to thank Smush for helping us create a little buzz...but he didn't fit...The Vipers will have to move on.


Arthur Ding said...

That's great! China Basketball Association is getting better than ever before. GuangDong Tiger is one of the most strongest teams in CBA

rosebud05 said...

Contrary to your opinion Smush is a great talent and the most misrepresented player by the media. Review some tapes and look at the stats with the Vipers (double-double). I have witnessed this young brother play since the Cage and your view of lackadasical is far from the truth. Perhaps it may appear without effort but many players are not mature or have the ability to play at his level. Hopefully his experience in China will provide an upside to the media's opinion to shine a brighter light on his talent and skill. There is always two sides to every story and your opinion maybe biased and does not reflect this athlete in a positive light. I am assured that the politics and misconceptions will disapate when folks appreciate Smush's worth and talent

latest sports news said...

I think he will do great there.