Mar 12, 2009

Colorado vs. RGV 1-12-09 1st Half Running Blog

5:59 Remaining 14ers lead 17-12

The Vipers are trading baskets right now with Colorado, well at least they were early. The Vipers are making Colorado shoot outside jumpers rather than the lay-ups they were getting on Tuesday. The problem? Colorado isn't missing right now. Free throws coming up for Looby out of the time out..

2:52 remaining 14ers lead 29-21

Why is Sonny Weems in the D-League? He just threw another one down alley-oop style and made a bad John Lucas pass look good. The pass was behind Weems, he caught it with one hand from behind and slug his arm up and forward for a thunderous slam...Still not enough stops for the Vipers...

End of the 1st 14ers lead 35-28

Right now the teams continue to go back and forth. Neither team is going on a run, and that may be good for the Vipers. The Vipers have more points in the paint 24-14. Meaning a lot of Colorado's points are coming from jumpers. Make a team beat you with outside shots. That's the only way to beat Colorado. Another important number Fastbreak points. Vipers with 6. Colorado with only 2

2:56 remaining in the half Game Tied at 55

The Vipers had a lead for a bit as they led 54-48 at one point. But Colorado is on a 7-1 run to tie the game back at 55-55. 

Halftime 14ers lead 66-62

Colorado always comes back... a little run at the end of the 2nd has the 14ers back on top at the intermission

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