Mar 12, 2009

D-League Expansion..Rumblings.. etc.

A lot has been happening around the D-League lately. There has been a lot happening around the Vipers as well. I apologize for not updating In the Key a little more often. The travel has been crazy and I have taken on some new responsibilities as well. But I should be able to spend a few minutes to blog.So here I am.

I posted several weeks back about possible D-League expansion. D-League Maine has already been announced. Congrats to Abby Pierce who is head of their marketing efforts. She was in RGV when we started up and I think she's awesome. Maine made a good hire. They will be the Maine (Insert Nickname here). They want to market to the whole state and didn't want to be confused with the Trailblazers home city. They also will not be the Shamrocks... which I thought would have been awesome since they will unofficially-officially be the Celtics affiliate. You can help choose the name HERE.

Now you can't just add one team right? But where else is the D-League expanding to? There were a lot of rumors and the D-League did a great job this year of keeping the potential additions hush-hush as opposed to last year when we all knew it was Erie and Reno. We knew about Portland since last season, but the 18th team was a mystery. Just rumors. Well it appears the secret is out finally as Springfield, MA (the home to Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, and the birthplace of basketball) will be home to a D-league franchise. 

It will be interesting to see who Springfield will be affiliated with since Boston appears to be going to Maine. Although I think it doesn't really matter it's out in Western, MA. You could easily put the Nets, Sixers or, Knicks in this same area. Or even both NJ and NYK. 

The real questions is will the D-League be at 18 teams next year? Or will it still be 16? We have documented on this blog before and Scott over a RU has as well, the financial problems the Colorado 14er owners are having. The word on the street is that Anaheim may be in even worse shape than that of Colorado...If that is even possible. It's a shame that the nicest building in the D-league (Not named Staples Center) may not be back but it could be a reality. Kroenke apparently would only have interest in managing the arena... not buying the 14ers, and it doesn't appear anyone wants to buy the team and move it to Loveland, CO to the Budweiser Events Center. Will the league operate this team until a buyer can be found? Will the new "Hybrid Affiliation System" change the Nuggets mind? I guess we will have to wait and see.

I will post my thoughts on the Hybrid System soon.. I want to get more details and get some thoughts from D-League coaches. 

I will post a brief pre-game blog before tonight's game versus Colorado as soon as I get to the building. 

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