Mar 10, 2009

Running Game Blog 3-10-09 vs. Colorado 2nd Half

The second half is about to begin, and I am still not one the air. The phone line guy for the arena is here and working on the issue. Still no go. I have never had phone line issues here. This isn't Chad Andrus's fault. He's always got stuff goin right. Erin Pahl too. This is the arena being terrible...Hmm where have I heard that before..

Phone works now... If you want to listen to the game head on over to 1240 AM ASAP.

5:43 remaining in the 3rd. Colorado leads 75-64

The Vipers are starting to chip away at this Colorado . They've score 19 points so far in the 3rd.  The Vipers are doing a much better job at making Colorado work.

2:48 Colorado leads 85-70

After the Vipers cut it down to 11. It's been back and forth ever since. The lead has stayed between 13-15 the last few minutes. Jawad continues to dominate for RGV. Weems for Colorado.. although it is Gill who leads Colorado in scoring with 14.

End of the 3rd Qtr. Colorado leads 98-79

That's it... Eddie Gill just gets up for RGV. His first game with the club this year after no practice... he nearly gets a triple double. By the way did I mention tonight is the one year anniversery of Eddie Gill's 15 assist performance against us. That is by the way the most assists an opponent has had against RGV in their history.. I am just saying.. 

5:17 remaining in 4th Qtr Colorado leads 118-104

The Vipers have made this interesting, but it could be too little too late.The Vipers have cut the deficit to 11 a few times in this 2nd half... but Colorado comes back each and every time and pushes it to 15 16 or 18. It has been the second unit shining for RGV with a lot of hustle and slashes to the basket.

Game Over... Vipers lose 147-119

Colorado scored 49 points in the 4th.

Re-cap is coming soon...

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