Feb 15, 2008


Well it finally came. the nasty 10-game winning streak is over. I have to say it has been a long time coming. The guys certainly have earned wins a long time ago, but for some odd reason the scoreboard always seemed to favor the Vipers opponents. However, one win is fine and dandy like sour candy. But, it is still just one win. The Vipers have to build on this. I am reminded by Lou Brown's speech in Major League. "We won yesterday, if we win today that's 2 in a row, we win tomorrow that's called a winning streak. It has happened before!" I know we can turn this thing around and make it interesting. It will be a tough road to climb. But, the Vipers play a ton of games within the division and still a ton left at Dodge Arena. They may need to play .850 basketball the rest of the way. Stranger things have happened. It should be a fun ride.

The Indians of course made the playoffs and movie baseball history was made. I think there are 3 elite teams in this league (Los Angeles, Idaho, and Austin). Everyone else I think is a beatable team for the Vipers, but as we saw in the game on February 8th, the Vipers can match Austin hoop for hoop at times to. So going on a streak like Idaho went on, may be unlikely, but certainly very possible. I believe in these guys. I always chat with Quannas White, he is kind of my buddy on the team. We'll eat lunch together or what have you on the road. Anyways, he is a true floor general and although he doesn't light up the stat sheet, he makes his presence felt. He is an extension of Bob Hoffman on the court. Bob and Q have a great relationship, you can tell just by watching them in game situations. There is a reason Quannas has been MVP of minor league clubs in the past. He will be one of the big reasons this thing gets turned around.

By the way I have to say that FOB, Todd Mavreles our Vipers beat writer, who like me has covered every single pro sports team, is the ultimate flirt. I don't remember the exact quote from last night, or who it was directed towards. But, Todd "The Todd" Mavreles" is a ladies man.. so girls.. watch out.

Well we have reached the All-Star Break.. If you want to call it that. We have games bookending the break. We aren't sending anyone, which sucks in a way. But lets face it none of our starters were full time starters all season so it would have been tough for any of them to beat out any of the deserving guys that made it and CJ... although selected is an NBA guy now.. he isn't going to the game. So our guys actually get some much needed rest, unlike LA who has two of their best players competing in the game and having to fly in from New Orleans early Sunday to join them here in the Valley for their 5:00 pm game with us. Advantage RGV I think??

If you have a chance check out the D-League Dream Factory.. which is the D-League version of All-Star Saturday. It is all tonight the details are on the link above. It will stream live on D-League.com at 9 pm ET. The D-League All-Star Game will also stream live and be aired on NBA-TV at 3pm ET.

More posts this weekend guys...

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