Feb 26, 2008

Who Wants to .... MUTUMBO!!!

Well apparently I have..SNAKEBIT, again no pun intended, the Houston Rockets, one day after I post about the Rockets being a team to be reckoned with in the Western Conference... this happens. I officially put a hex on the Houston Rockets and I am ashamed. I also, just last week bought a Rockets Shooting Shirt since I had very little Rockets gear with the new logo. So for all my fellow Rockets fans, my bad.

By the way Yao being out does theoretically mean more minutes for the 2000's NBA version of Robert Parrish who happens to be Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo...Or just Dikembe. I have always been a fan of his finger wag and who could forget this memorable photo when the Nuggets became the first 8 seed to win a playoff series

Ok so after Tuesday's win over Fort Wayne we know that RGV is officially better than both the Iowa Energy and now the Mad Ants. I seem to believe we are a middle of the pack team. I think we are also better than Bakersfield, Anaheim as well. The team has definitely improved since the 10 game losing skid. Tremendously. We have had wins over LA and Albuquerque, now if we can just get over this stigma of playing Colorado and beat them I think we can make a nice respectable run to a 20+ win season.

We have a lot of time off before our next game against the 14ers..because the Dodge has been taken over by this great event which I will be partaking in this weekend.

Also... My next blog will be on Expansion of the D-League and the state of minor league basketball stay tuned.

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