Feb 10, 2008

These are the ones hurt

In case you think that the travelling broadcaster does not have a rooting interest in the team he is employed by, think again. They hurt. In fact I would argue that a radio play-by-play man hurts the worst (emotionally) after a loss (other than the obvious coaches and players). I would love to tell you that I could care less who wins, and that calling the game is all that matters. This is not the case. I love what I do, and I love the teams I call games for. I am on the edge of my seat in the final moments of every close game and I hurt just like any big fan would hurt. I have had the opportunity to call games for some pretty good teams, and some pretty bad ones. But, I don't think I have ever been a part of a team that has had so many things go wrong for them in a sudden tail spin. I try to call the games down the line. I will say when we got hosed, and I will also say when I think we caught a break from these guys. I do have some journalistic integrity, but I also know who signs my pay-checks. It is all about playing that balance.

This team has too much talent to not get out of this. I spoke with Vipers assistant Brian Walsh in the post-game show yesterday after the game versus Colorado. We talked about how once this team finishes out a game, this whole thing will turn around. This team is getting leads against good teams, but putting the finishing touches on it is what is lacking right now. Things are going to get better, they already have been, but this team needs and deserves a win... bad.

So going back to the amount of emotion I put into my job. I threw my headset at one point during the overtime period during a time-out. Now the right-ear piece is no longer audible. I do have a history of this. So for those that think I dont care. I am violent with $400 headsets upset at losses.

By the way, I think I may have gotten in trouble with Jesse Smith's girl friend after I mentioned in Friday night's broadcast that Smith bore a striking resemblance to this WWE Legend. Trent Strickland agrees with me, Smith doesn't. Although he did say ,"Well if you guys think so, The Undertaker is awesome." So problem solved I guess. Comment and let me know what you think of our Viper center's resemblance to the phenom.

That's it for now. If you have questions feel free to send them to vipersradio@gmail.com. I will be happy to include them on the blog and maybe have a mail bag section every month.


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