Feb 20, 2008

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears....(Airports and People at Them)

In tribute to Peter Griffin I have decided to post a semi-regular entry on "In The Key" on things that really irk me or tick me off and I am affectionately referring to it as "You Know What Really Grinds My Gears".

Obviously traveling is part of the routine when you are a professional broadcaster. I have ridden in buses for 15 and 16 hour trips when I was doing baseball. I have been in a ton of airports and in airplane after airplane. I have gotten pretty good at this traveling thing. My frequent flier miles prove it. Here is the problem, there are way to many morons who are flying nowadays and they make traveling in airports and airplanes unbearable. People act like they have never flown before. Maybe some of them haven't. That is no excuse.. LEARN. You are pissing frequent travelers like me off.
First off... When they are boarding an aircraft.. listen to the gate agent... when she says rows 20 and higher... she doesn't mean row 19. Row 5... She means rows 20 and higher... But idiots still get in line to get on the plane and clog the process because they put their oversized carry-on in the overhead bin in Row 7... while my ticket which has me in the back of the plane has me waiting behind this dude when he shouldn't even be boarding the plane yet.

Secondly, learn how to get through security. Ever since 9/11 there is a pretty extensive security process now. It is for your safety and mine. But, there is still a way to expedite the process. YES EVEN YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF!!! AND YOUR COAT. You are already in line get your laptop out already. Why wait and hold up the line! No a bottle of water is not allowed anymore. LIQUIDS... FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUT THEM IN YOUR CHECKED LUGGAGE!! The secuirty process is long enough. Read These Before you ever get on a plane PLEASE!!

Also, the moving walkway is wide for a reason, if you are going to be lazy stand to the right, the left side is for people to walk to move along the long corridors faster! Move out of the way!! I know you want to talk to your friend about the awesome new shoes you bought...DO IT STANDING ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE WALKWAY/ESCALATOR!!

That is all....

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