Feb 17, 2008

Vipers Versus Los Angeles Pre-Game

The D-League gets officially jipped during NBA All-Star Weekend. But hopefully that will be to the benefit of the Vipers today versus Los Angeles. Lets see, as the NBA prepares for its mid-season classic the D-League has three games on the slate. Although this one got postponed

Wait. Aren't we supposed to be using the D-League to promote the NBA in non-NBA markets? Shouldn't we want the D-League fans to be turning on TNT tonight at watching the All-Star game? Seems a little counterproductive to me.

Well I said that I thought there were three elite teams in this league earlier. Well the D-Fenders are one of them. It is hard to believe sometime that they play in, for the most part an EMPTY building since they play before the Lakers at STAPLES Center. Being close to the Lakers has helped the D-Fenders that is for sure. They run the triangle offense which of course is run by Phil Jackson and the Lakers, so if any of these guys get called up, they can fit right in with the Lakers.

Speaking of which, the Lakers have sent a player back down to the D-Fenders for further development. Coby Karl, the cancer survivor and son of Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl. He is a good scorer who tends to be on the flashy side, sometimes a little too much. Solid player but definitely needs some time in the D-League before he can contribute on an NBA roster.

Should be a tough test for the boys tonight, but if they have a defensive effort like they had against Iowa and can keep it close, they deffiniltye have a chance to steal one tonight at home. Lets also hope Jelani McCoy and Sean Banks are a little road weary from their All-Star travels.

We'll see what happens.

I have added Brian Sandalow's Killer Bee blog to my blog roll since apparently his feelings were hurt that it wasn't on their initially. He has denied this, but several FOBs have confirmed his displeasure with my not having him on the initial roll. So you can check out the Sandman on the right hand side.

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