Feb 18, 2008

On the Road again...

The boys left this morning for Denver and I am still here. Why? Well for those of you who don't know I am still taking classes at Texas-Pan American and I have a big exam to get ready for. Hopefully I do better than this kid did. The owners felt it was also better for me to go up the day of the game. Hey I am not complaining. I get to take my exam... um yay? But, I also get those extra frequent flier miles on Continental. Gotta love it. I also will not be calling the games in ABQ this weekend. and yes I refer to it as ABQ because I can never spell Albuquerque correctly. I will be announcing this boxing event on Friday so I will re-join the team back in Colorado for the Monday game the following week.

ABQ is a beautiful town though so I am gonna miss the travels. Coach Hoffman found a broadcaster he knew during his travels that will be filling in. I am sure the RGV will be glad to hear a different voice for a change.

I have to say I didn't get to see any of the NBA All-Star game. For one we had a game and after all my post-game duties were finished I wasn't about to follow a meaningless game that was already in progress. So I joined my former Sportsline producer Danny "The Danny" Castillon at a local watering hole... Hey I am not gonna say who... no free advertising on In The Key... I joined Danny to watch this WWE PPV. Yes I know its fake..But whatever its entertaining.

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