Feb 25, 2008

Stuck in Harlingen.. For Now

After a weekend of being away from the team. Yes, it has been killing me being away from the team. I am trying to rejoin the squad for their final game of the four game road swing in Broomfield, Colorado. Only problem is there is some sort of fog/visibility issue in Houston of all places. Honestly, has anyone ever heard of weather delays in Texas? That's like a baseball game being called off for rain in the Sahara. So although I am still scheduled to make it to Colorado with plenty of time, there are still no flights going in or out of Houston. Meaning all connections will be severely delayed as well

Luckily my cousin Michelle is a Southwest Airlines gate agent and can re-route me if need be. I am still waiting on an update. We will see if I have to find yet another pinch-hit broadcaster in Colorado.

Let's do a quick re-cap. RGV split their two games in the ABQ accomplishing a couple of things with the win Saturday. They broke a 15 game losing streak within the Southwest Division and earned their first win over Albuquerque this season. This leaves Utah and Colorado as the only teams RGV has yet to defeat this season. They will have another chance with the 14ers tonight, and my money is on the Vipers as they have played very well against them lately and.. the 14ers are without these guys... they are in Cleveland.

I will give an update later...for now I will be forced to surf the net to deviate from my boredom

PS. The Rockets are playing tremendous basketball. I know the RGV is technically Spurs country, but give Yao, T-Mac and the boys some props on their winning streak. Besides the Rockets are our local affiliate.

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