Feb 13, 2008

Waiting impatiently....

People always ask me what I do when the team isn't playing and I am not preparing for a game. Well the answer to that question has always been different. When I was working in baseball I would say, well we play everyday for the most part so our off days I am usually catching up on sleep. When I was calling Texas-Pan American hoops I was usually travelling on those off days. (They try to make sure the guys and myself included, were going to class as much as possible) or I was working a desk job. So this is really the first unique situation where I have so much time in-between games. Frankly its never racking. But I don't nervously

I won't work on my notes until the day of the game. The stats won't be right unless I do. So I spend a lot of my time catching up on what is going on in RGV and College and Pro sports. I check out this site daily because I like to catch up what is going on with new baseball parks and sports arenas being built. But to be honest with you during this off-time in between games I am trying to catch up with local and pro sports that aren't the D-league. One of the things that happens to you is you get so engulffed in the team you are covering, you neglect all other sports around you.

No joke I was at the Taco Ole in Edinburg a few days ago paying at the register for my fine mexican dining. When a lady stopped me and said, "Hey you are one of the guys from Action 4 Sports X-tra aren't you." (One of my many side gigs because I am the RGVs media hog). I said yes ma'am, Alex Del Barrio nice to meet you. She brought up some high school football rumor she had heard from Rio Grande City and I had no idea what she was talking about. I obviously had not been abreast of this situation regarding the RGC football program or anything RGV sports other than the Vipers. A 16 of 18 stretch on the road will do that to you.

Even though our FOB (Friend of the Blog) Todd Mavreles beat me to the punch. Did anyone see former Viper forward Steve Novak knock down the game winner versus Sacramento on Wednesday. If not here is the You Tube of it....God Bless the internet.

While we are on a You Tube rush... I felt the need to include this McDonalds commercial for a hockey stick promotion. funny stuff

More after the game...Vipers taking on the Iowa Energy on Valentines Day

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